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PT. ITS Tekno Sains is a consulting and engineering company which has experiences in providing total innovative solutions and services in Technology and Management. Our company provides consultancy form various areas of expertise. Currently, PT. ITS Tekno Sains is expanding its business scopes to publisher, infrastructure and e-commerce.

Who Are We

Since 2017, we have given services that are tailored based on research and hands-on experiences. We are also supported by many experts specializing in various areas of science, technology, and management. Other then that, we’re offering total innovative solutions in technology and management, ensuring total satisfaction for our stakeholder’s. We make a promise to deliver only the best in terms of our services to all of our stakeholders. 

TSC Consultant

Our consultancy services are generally conducted by outright appointment from clients. However, PT. ITS Tekno Sains also has the capacity and capability to be involved in any open-bidding mechanism projects. Our company provides consultancy from various areas of expertise. Currently, ITS is doing extensive projects with the Government, State-Owned Corporations, and also both National and International Private institutions. 

What We Do

We have our core values to support
our company, which are:



We are committed to the principle of innovation in all of our business aspects



We believe a business which is built on a foundation of respect



Collaboration is the key to successful organization, because it provides an equal opportunity for all team members to participate and contribute



Integrity is essential value to our organization.

Why Choose Us?

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Didasarkan oleh beberapa Peraturan :

  • Peraturan Presiden No. 54 Tahun 2015 tentang Statuta Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember
  • Peraturan Rektor No. 11 Tahun 2017 tentang Usaha Komersial ITS

Didirikan berdasarkan akta notaris No. 2 oleh Notaris Machmud Fauzi, SH.

Pemegang Saham Utama adalah Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) PTN BH (99%)



Jasa Konsultan Lingkungan : 4-3578-04-008-1-13-090440

Perencana Rekayasa : Konstruksi Pondasi serta Bangunan Teknik Sipil Air : Teknik Sipil Transportasi ; Mekanikal & Elektrikal dalam Bangunan : 1-35789-02-008-1-13-090440

Jasa Teknologi dan Sistem Informasi ; Jasa Surveyor Independen; Jasa Inspeksi Teknik : 1.SC=20501-19-1861

SBU Jasa Konsultansi Non-Konstruksi : Telematika : Perangkat Keras; Konten; Aplikasi/Perangkat Lunak;
Sub-bidang Telematika Lainnya : 1.03-20501-19-1861

SBU Jasa Konsultansi Non-Konstruksi : Rekayasa Industri : Rekayasa Industri Pengolahan dan Sub
Bidang Rekayasa Industri Lainnya : 1.11-20501-19-1861

SBU : Jasa Konsultasi Non-Konstruksi : Jasa Studi, Penelitian dan Bantuan Teknik : Studi Kelayakan &
Studi Mikro Lainnya; Studi Perencanaan Umum : 1.SI-35.78-20-1861

SBU : Jasa Konsultasi Non-Konstruksi : Transportasi : Pengembangan Sarana Transportasi; Peraturan
Bidang Transportasi; Usaha Jasa Angkutan; Penyusunan Dokumen Analisis Dampak Lalu Lintas; Sub-bidang Transportasi Lainnya;

SBU : Jasa Konsultasi Non-Konstruksi : Jasa Survey : Survey Teristris; Fotogrametri; Hidrografi/Batimetri;
Sistem Informasi Geografi; Geologi & Geofisika; 1.SS-20501-19-1861

ITS Tekno Sains

We are ready to provide solutions each project of various industries.

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